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1. Theoretical Model And Novel Structures For RC-IGBT
2. Theoretical Model Building And Experimental Research Of The Time Difference Fluxgate Magnetometer
3. Theoretical Model Of Ant Colony Optimization & Its Applications In Production Scheduling
4. Study On The Linear And Nonlinear Characteristics Of GaAs Photoconductive Switches
5. The Research On The Theoretical Model And The Dynamic System Of The Agile Software Process Management
6. Experimental And Theoretical Studies On Ultrashort Pulse Lasers
7. A Grid Theoretical Model And Its Application
8. Studies On Shock Mechanisms Of Propagation And Attenuation In Laser Propulsion
9. Research On Theoretical Model, Structural Designing And Fabricating Technique For Photonic Crystal Fibers
10. Research On The Infrared Laser And Interaction Of The Laser With Biologic Hard Tissue
11. On The Theoretical Model And Framework Of Library Economic Management
12. Study On High Field Transporation Characteristics Of GaAs Photoconductive Switches
13. Research On Theoretical Model And Numerical Simulations Of Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
14. Study On Theoretical Model And Faculty Evaluation Of Library Knowledge Transfer
15. The Research And Design Of 1444nm Nd: YAG Pulsed Laser
16. Analysis And Research On Information Dissemination Network Of BBS
17. Theoretical Analysis Model For Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers With Ultrafast Nonlinear Effects
18. Improvement On The Theoretical Model Of 1×2 Single-Mode Fiber Fused Biconic Taper Couplers
19. The Theoretical Model And Implementation Of Electronic Bank Security Based On CORBA
20. A Study Of Traffic Model And Queuing Schedule Algorithm Based On The Convergence Of WSN And Mobile Network
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