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1. Research On ScienceBlogs
2. Public Opinion Expression And Public Participation: Microblogging Opinion Leaders Research
3. Research On The Anonymity Problem In The Public-key Cryptosystem
4. Study On The Public Key Cryptosystem Secure Against Chosen Ciphertext Attack
5. The Public Participation In Politics
6. Network Communication With The Public Expression
7. On China Supervision Of The Public Pinion In The Period Of Transition
8. The Research And Application Of Security Model Based On The Public IP Network
9. The Role And Function Played By TV Commercials In The Structural Transformation Of The Public Sphere
10. The Research Of The Behavior Characteristics Of The "Public Sphere" And The Development Direction
11. Security Scheme Design And Realization Of City Electronic Service Under The Public Customer End Enviorment
12. Study Of The PMI-Based System In The Public Security Official's Net
13. The Development And Implement Of Government Centralized-Paying Financial System Drived By XML
14. The Public Security Traffic-Police Information Application System Based On J2EE/EJB Technology (Violation Management Subsystem)
15. On The Plan Of The Public-spirited Activity In Medium
16. Request-service Technology And Distributed Application Cooperation Platform For The Integration Of The Public Security Bureau Organizations
17. The Public Trunking Communication System Voice Encryption Technology Research
18. The Public Opinion Guiding Of Artery Network Media
19. The Conformation, Limit And Regulation Of Public Opinion Communication In BBS
20. Commercialization, Globalization And The Public Sphere
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