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1. Analysis Of The Energy Efficiency In The Hierarchy Stock Of The Multi-Input Multi-Output Relay Networks
2. The Research On Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Technique In WideBand Wireless Network
3. Researches On Key Techniques Of Multi-antenna In Keyhole And Distributed Channels
4. Research On Optimum Receiver Of Differential Frequency Hopping Communication System Based On The MAP Detection
5. Study On Space-Time Coding Based On Spatial Fading Correlation Channel
6. The Performance Analysis Of Space-time Code And The Realization Of Simulation Platform
7. The Study On Space-Time Coding In Wireless Communication
8. Study On A Novel Modulation Scheme In Ultra-Wideband(UWB) Communication System
9. Space Time Block Coding In Frequency Selective Fading Channel
10. Simulation Research On IR-UWB System
11. The Study On The Antenna Selection Scheme Of MIMO Systems Under The Correlated Channels
12. Research Of UWB Wireless Communication Based On Binary Time-hopping Pulse Position Width Modulation
13. The Research On Subcarrier Allocation Algorithms In OFDM-Based Cooperative Communication Systems
14. Research On Application Performances Of LTE-Advanced Relay Technology
15. Research On Performance Of OFDM Relay System With Subcarrier Mapping
16. Relay Selection In Cooperative Communication
17. Research On Relay Capacity Analysis And Power Allocation Of Cooperative Communication System
18. Powerallocation Research Of Cooperative Communication System
19. The Research On The Optimal Power Allocation In The Ooperative Communication Systems
20. The Research Of Power Allocation Algorithm In Cooperative Communication Systems
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