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Keyword [subspace analysis]
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1. Research Of Computational Imaging Technology Based On Compressive Sensing
2. Research On Subspace Analysis-based Feature Extraction And Face Recognition
3. Study On Face Tracking And Recognition
4. Research On Subspace Analysis Based Face Recognition
5. Key Techniques Of Content-based Intelligent Video Surveillance And The Applications In Public Security
6. Research On Some Key Issues In Face Recognition Under Complex Conditions
7. Research Of Facial Landmark Location And Face Recognition
8. Research On Subspace Analysis-based Face Recognition Methods
9. Research On Subspace Analysis Based Face Recognition Algorithm
10. Subspace Analysis And Classification Method For Face Recognition
11. Feature Extraction Based On Locality Preserving Subspace Analysis With Its Application In Face Recognition
12. Biometrics Methods Based On Palmprint And Hand Shape
13. Tensor Subspace On Manifold For Face Recognition
14. Research On Hand-metrics Recognition For Single Sample Biometrics
15. Extraction Of Face Features Based On Bidirectional Two Dimensional Subspace Analysis
16. Feature Extraction And Face Recognition Techniques Based On Subspace Analysis
17. Research Of The Ear Recognition Based On The Subspace Analysis And Support Vector Machine
18. Feature Level Information Fusion Based On Subspace-and Its Application On Human Identification
19. Research On SAR Image Processing Based On Subspace Analysis
20. Research Of Face Recognition Based On Linear Subspace Analysis
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