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Keyword [statistical learning]
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1. The Study On Low-level Vision Algorithms Used In PCB Automatic Optical Inspection Systems
2. Research On Sea Background Suppression For Remote Sensing Images Based On Statistical Learning
3. Research Of Facial Landmark Localization Based On Statistical Learning
4. Concentration Inequalities For U-processes And Applications To Learning Theory
5. Research On Application Of Support Vector Machine In Frequency Estimation Algorithm
6. PAC-Bayes Bound Theory And Experimental Research On SVM Algorithm
7. Research On Nonlinear Process Fault Diagnosis Based On Data-driven
8. Low Quality Image Improvement Based On Variational Regularization And Statistical Learning
9. Research On Key Technologies Of Word Sense Disambiguation Based On Statistical Learning
10. Kernels' Properties, Tricks And Its Applications On Obstacle Detection
11. Research On Support Vector Machines And Kernel Methods
12. Theory Of Feature Extraction And Recognition Of Images And Its Application In Face Recognition
13. Kernel Based Learning Machines
14. Study On Support Vector Machine And Its Application In Control
15. Eugenic Evolutionary Optimization And Statistical Learning Modeling
16. The Models Of SVM And The Applications Of SVM To Image Segmentation
17. Research On Emitter Identification
18. Statistical Learning Theory-based Iris Recognition Study
19. Image Segmentation And Object Classification Based On Support Vector Machines
20. Study Of Support Vector Machines Algorithm Based On Statistical Learning Theory
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