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1. Study On Model And Algorithm Of Dynamic Feature Fusion Based On Information Sources Selection And Sequential Extraction
2. On Data Source Selection For P2P Based VoD System
3. Admission Control Of P2P-based Media Delivery Network
4. Research On Cognition In Information Behavior Analysis
5. Research Of Data Source Selection With Similar Theme In Deep Web Integrated System
6. Research On Deep Web Data Source Selection Method Based On Sampling
7. Research On Data Source Selection And Result Cache On Deep Web
8. Research On Selection And Detection Of Information Sources For Networked Diffusion
9. Comparison Analysis Of China Network Television Station(CNTV)’s IDC Thermostatic Cold Source Program
10. Based On The Keywords Retrieval Of Xml Data Sources
11. Wireless Relay Communication Systems And Their Performance Analysis Over Nakagami And Rayleigh Fading Channels
12. Design And Implementation Of Future Network Transport Protocol
13. Research On MultiSource Unstructured Data Integration Based On User Feedback
14. The Design And Implementation Of Video Source Selection System Based On Network Quality Evaluation
15. Research On Link Traversal-Based Query Execution Of Linked Data
16. Research On Key Technologies Of Building Web Dataspace
17. Research Of Federated Query Method For Linked Data Based On Semi-join
18. Research On Optimization And Key Technologies For Wireless Multimedia Transmission
19. Quality Of Information Assessment And Energy Optimization In Wireless Sensor Networks
20. Studies On Efficient Query Scheduling And Data Acquiring Techniques Of WEB Data
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