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1. Study On Integrated Optimal Control System For Aluminum Powder Nitrogen Atomizing & Classifying Process
2. Measuring Technique Research On High Temperature Particle Infrared Radiation Characteristic
3. Research On Scalability And Related Key Algorithms For Network Measurement Based On Packet Sampling
4. Www Access Characteristics Of The Proxy Cache
5. The Research And Implement Of On-line Laserdiffracton Measure System For Particle Size
6. The Quantitative Estimate Of Path Radiance On The Remote Sensing Images
7. Preparation Of CdTe Semiconductor QDs In Water And Investigation On Their Optics Properties
8. Improvement And Application Of Microstructure Model
9. Research On Crystal Size Distribution Estimation Based On The Micro-graph Of PTA
10. Study Of Particle Measurement By Light Scatting Based On Image Procesing
11. The Application Of Photography-image Processing In The Analysis Of Rock Fragmentation
12. Application Of Genetic Algorithm In The Particle Inversion
13. Retrieval Of Aerosol Optical Depth Based On The Ground-Based Measeurement Using Modis Data
14. Research And Application In Particle Size Soft-Sensor Of Radial Basis Function Neural Network
15. Droplet Size Distribution In Diesel Sprays And Characteristic Analysis
16. Retrieval Of Aerosol Optical Depth Based On The Ground-based Measeurement Using Modis Data
17. Research And Application In Particle Size Soft-sensor Of Radial Basis Function Neural Network
18. Ultrafine Particle Size Distribution Analyzer
19. Bp Neural Network Optimization And Its Application In The Measurement Of The Fluid
20. Study On The Inverse Algorithms Of Particle-sizing Distributions In Laser Optical Self-mixing Interference
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