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Keyword [single objective optimization]
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1. Heuristic Evolutionary Algorithms For Examination Timetabling Problems
2. Research On Improved Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Based On Multiple Hybrid Strategies
3. Evolutionary Algorithms For Single-Objective And Multi-Objective Optimization Problems
4. On Particle Swarm Optimization In Dynamic Environments
5. Research Of Particle Swarm Optimization And Its Application
6. The Study Of Single Objective Optimization Image Reconstruction Algorithms
7. The Researching And Application Of PSO
8. Research On Optimization Methods Of Cell-like Membrane Computing And Their Applications
9. Research On The Improvement Of Harmony Search Algorithm
10. Including Upper And Lower Bound Constraints Based On Genetic Algorithm Optimization Of Mixture Experiments Prescription
11. Biogeography Optimization Algorithm To Improve The Research And Its Application
12. Immune Optimization Algorithms Based On Memory-Evaluation-Guide Mechanism
13. Research And Application Of Wolf Colony Algorithm
14. Research And Design Of Evolutionary Algorithms
15. Autonomous Differential Evolution Algorithm:Design And Application
16. Research On Magnetotactic Bacteria Optimization Algorithm
17. Adaptive Stochastic Ranking Constraint Handling Methods For Evolutionary Optimization
18. Constrained Single-objective And Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithms And Their Applications
19. Research On Improved Wolf Pack Algorithm And Its Application In Robot Path Planning
20. Research And Application Of Hybrid Flower Pollination Algorithm Based On Improved Search Strategy
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