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1. Simulations And Analysis Of Optical Fiber Devices Based On Side-Polished Fiber
2. Simulation And Analysis Of Transmission Characteristics Of Optical Side-polished Fiber Waveguide
3. Side-polished Fiber Bragg Grating And Its Sensing Properties To Study
4. Biomedical Optic Fiber Sensing Characteristics Based On Liquid Crystal Media
5. Experimental Study Of Transmission Character Of Side-polished Fiber
6. All-optical Switch And Fiber Cladding Grating Based On Azobenzene-doped Mixed Liquid Crystals
7. Add-drop Filter By Coupling Between Micro-nano Fiber Ring And Side Polished Fiber
8. Fabrication Of Side Polished Fiber Based Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor And Its Performance In Refractive Index Sensing
9. Research On Optical-Controllable Property Of Side Polished Fiber And Micro Nano Fiber Based On Graphene
10. Design Of Side Polished Fiber SPR Sensor Based On Nano Gold Structures
11. Optical Power Detector Based On Side Polished Fiber And MoS2 Or As2Se3 Films
12. Detection Of Cucurbitacin E Concentration Based On Cell Amplified Surface Plasmon Resonance Technology
13. Research Of Surface Plasmon Resonance Refractive Sensor Based On Side-Polished Fiber
14. Metal Sulfide Based All-fiber-optic Humidity Sensor
15. Side-polished Fiber SPR Sensor With Temperature Self-compensation
16. Side-polished Optical Fiber And Microfiber With Coated Titanium Dioxide And Its Light Control Characteristics
17. Side-polished-fiber Based Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor Enhanced By Dielectric Film
18. Based On Surface Plasmon Of The Dual Core PCF Refractive Index Sensing Characteristic Research
19. Highly Sensitive Fiber Sensor Of Refractive Index And Temperature Based On Surface Plasmon Resonance In Side-Polished Technology
20. Optical side-polished fiber coupler: Design and fabrication
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