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1. Studies On Image Segmentation Methods Based On Visual Saliency
2. Research On Technology Of Solid Wood Floor Sorting Based On Machine Vision
3. The Research For Recognition Method Of Wood Surface Defect Based On SVM Combined Manifold
4. Study On Sub-compartment Division Of Tianshan Forest Based On High Spatial Resolution Satellite Images And Multi-Scale Image Segmentation Methods
5. Study And Application Of Segmentation Methods For Fundus Images
6. Research On Ferrograph Image Segmentation And Wear Particle Identification
7. Research On Image Processing Based On Memristors
8. Research On Multiscale Methods In Object-Based Image Analysis
9. Robust Active Contour Image Segmentation Models And Their Applications
10. Research On Acoustic Feature Analysis In Audio Retrieval
11. Samples Based Background Modeling For Object Motion Detection In Video
12. Fuzzy Active Contour Models In Image Segmentation And Change Detection
13. Complex Image Segmentation Based On Immune Clonal Selection Optimization And Spectral Clustering
14. SAR Image Segmentation Algorithms Based On Fast Region Merging
15. Study Of Thresholding Methods Based On The Image Spatial Co-occurrence Information
16. Research On Semantic Image Classification Based On Contextual Information
17. Reseach On Optimization And Level Set Methods For Image Segmentation
18. Research On Image Holistic Scene Understanding Methods Basaed On Probabilistic Graphical Models
19. Reseach On The Segmentation Of Brain MR Image
20. Research On High-resolution SAR Image Segmentation And Classification Methods
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