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1. Research On The Single Frequency Fiber Lasers Based On All-fiber Filtering Techniques
2. The Study Of New Saturable Absorbers Based Passively Q-switched And Passively Mode-locked Fiber Lasers
3. Study On The Properties And Mid-IR Lasers Of Cr2+:ZnSe And Cr2+:ZnS Crystals
4. Diode-pumped Novel All-solid-state Yb Femtosecond Lasers
5. Study On High Repetition Rate And Broadband Femtosecond Fiber Lasers
6. Resonant Pumped 2μm Holmium - Filled Solid - State Lasers
7. Laser-Diode Pumped Monolithic Nd~(3+):YAG Laser Passively Q-Switched By The Saturable Absorber Cr~(4+):YAG
8. Investigation On High Power And Low Noise Tunable Single-frequency Fiber Laser For All Optics Communications
9. The Research On 1.5μm Erbium-Doped Narrow Linewidth Fiber Laser
10. Study Of The Passively Q-switched Laser Properties Of New Saturable Absorber Co2+: LaMgAl11O19
11. Study Of Photonic Generation Of Millimeter-wave Signal And Associated Techniques For Radio-over-fiber System
12. Study On Characteristics Of All-Solid-State Q-switched Lasers With V3+:YAG Saturable Absorber At 1.3μm
13. Design And Characterization Of Semiconductor Saturable Absorber Mirror
14. Studies On Chirped Pulse Amplification System At Low Repetition Rate
15. Q-switched Mode-locking In Diode-Pumped Nd~(3+): GdVO4 Lasers
16. Diode-Pumped All-solid-state Single-longitudinal-mode Laser
17. The Theorical And Experimental Research Of Chirped Pulse Amplification Based On Ti: Sapphire Self-Mode Lock Laser
18. Research Of Yb~(3+)-doped Double-clad Fiber Laser
19. Study On The Key Technologies Of InP-Based High-Speed Monolithically Integrated Photonic Devices
20. Investigation Of Diode-pumped All-solid-state Laser And Related Mode-locking Technology
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