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1. Study On Novel Fiber Grating Refractive Index Sensors Based On Optical Heating
2. The Evanescence Character Of Optical Microfiber And Research On Micropollutant Detection
3. Reserch On Atmospheric Influence And Mitigation Technology In Near Sea Level Laser Communicaton
4. Research On Grating Devices For Silicon-Based Photonic Integration
5. Investigation On Electro-Optic Organic/Polymer Optical Waveguide Modulator Visual Cortex
6. Thermal Nonlinear Effect And Mode Coupling In Fiber-coupled Whispering Gallery Mode Optical Resonators
7. Theoretical And Experimental Investigations On Microwave Photonics Signal Generation And Processing
8. Research On Theories, Sensing And Band-pass Filter Characteristics For The Long Period Fiber Grating Having Cladding Refractive Index Perturbation
9. Research On Sensing Characteristics Of Long-period Fiber Grating Coated With High Index Nano-film
10. Research On Direct-liquid-cooled Thin Disk Laser
11. Study On The Transmission Properties Of Polymer Optical Fiber
12. Experimental Study On Microwave Left-handed Metamaterial
13. Wave Front Twist Of A Laser Beam Propagation In An Atmospheric Turbulence
14. Design And Experiments Of Optical Fiber Methane Gas Sensor
15. Research On Refractive-Index Sensing Technology Based On Optical Fiber Gratings
16. Research On Bragg And Long-Period Fiber Gratings And Their Sensing Properties
17. Damage-Induced Refractive Index Changes And Associated Waveguide Mode Study In Ion Implanted Optoelectronic Crystals
18. Research On The Fabrication And Characterization Of Long Period Grating(LPG)
19. Some Studies Of Devices For Optical Communications And Sensing Based On Fiber Gratings
20. Investigation Of Planar And Channel Optical Waveguides Fabricated By Ion Implantation And Ion Beam Etching
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