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1. Study On Cryptographical Technology Resist To Key Leakage
2. Study And Design Of Several Proxy Cryptographic Schemes
3. The Formal Study Of Secure Threshold Cryptographic Schemes
4. Research On Delegation Based Digital Signature
5. Research On The Provable Secure Group Key Agreement Protocol
6. Studies On Provable Secure Public Key Encryption And Certicateless Public Key Encryption
7. Research On Some Problems Of Provable Secure Message Transmission Protocols
8. Provable Secure Signcryption Related Public Key Schemes
9. Two Provable Secure ID-based Group Key Agreement Protocols
10. Attribute-based Encryption Algorithm
11. Research On Certificateless Signature Scheme And Certificateless Ring Signcryption Scheme
12. Research On Identity Based Authentication And Key Agreement Protocol
13. Based On Discrete Logarithm Without Certificate Digital Signature
14. Efficient And Provable-Secure Certificateless Public Key Cryptosystems And Its Application
15. Design And Analysis Of A Provable Secure RFID Authentication Protocol
16. Study On Provable Secure Signcryption Scheme In The Standard Model
17. Design And Analysis Of Lattice-Based Public Key Encryption Schemes
18. Research On Efficient And Provable Secure Attribute-Based Encryption Schemes And Its Applications
19. Research On Two Provable Secure Short Signature Schemes And Their Applications
20. Research On Provable Secure Aggregate Signature Scheme And Its Application
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