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1. Mutli-quality Robust Optimization Design For Switching Mode Power Supply
2. Research On High-voltage Power LDMOS With Both Types Of Carriers
3. Research On The Application Of The Magnetics-Integration Techniques In Switching Power Supply
4. Investigation Of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Issues Of Switching Mode Power Supply(SMPS)
5. Theoretic And Experimental Research On The Core Loss Of Magnetic Components In Power Converter Topologies
6. Study On Special Switching Power Supply Techniques And Their Applications In Wastewater Treatment
7. Research On High Power Supply Of Ozone Generation Powered By Serial Load Resonant Inverter
8. Resear On The Special Power Supply For Electromagnetic Detecting
9. High Speed Serial Link Transceiver And Parasite Power Supply On Serial Link
10. Research And Design Of Some Key Control ICs For Modern Power Supply System
11. Study On The Modeling And Control Strategy Of Cell-Manipulation Micro-Stage Base On Piezo Actuator
12. The Design And Experiment Research On Piezoelectric Power Supply System For TPMS
13. Research On On-chip PLL Clock Generator For MAPS
14. Study On Stable High-effective Discharge Of High Power Fast Axial Flow CO2 Laser
15. Research And Implementation Of Integrated Low Cost Multi-output Power Supply Chip For TFT-LCD
16. Microarc Oxidation Current Pulse Power Supply And Its Load Electrical Characteristics
17. Study On The Low-voltage Power Source System In The High-voltage Power Management IC
18. On The Interaction Between The Maglev Power Convertor And The Magnetic Levitation Control System Of Maglev Train
19. Research And Design Of On-Chip High Performance CMOS Power Supply Converter
20. Research On High Speed Low Power A/D Converter And Related Technique
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