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Keyword [pose estimation]
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1. Contour And Edge-based Visual Tracking Of Non-cooperative Space Targets
2. Research And Application On Head Pose Estimation In Natural Environment
3. Research On Human Motion Analysis From Monocular Videos
4. Research On Some Key Technologies Of Motion Capture For Digitizing Kinetic Arts
5. Mobile Robot 3D Environment Modeling Based On Variational Model
6. Research On The Vision Navigation Information For Autonomous Mobile Agricultural Robot
7. Research On Human Motion Capture Based On Video
8. Face Recognition With Variant Illumination And Poses
9. Multi-pose Face Detection And Recognition On Nonlinear Manifold
10. Research On Human Pose Estimation With Monocular Videos For HCI Applications
11. 3D Face Modeling Based On A 2D Image
12. Research On Key Issues In Vehicle Safety Driving Assistant Techniques Based On Computer Vision
13. Pose Estimation, Recognition Algorithms And Fuse Algorithm In Face Recognition
14. Research On Marker-less Human Body Motion Capture And Pose Estimation
15. Study On Pose Relay Videometrics Method With Camera-series And Ship Deformations Measurement
16. Human Pose Estimation And Action Recognition From Image Sequences
17. Research On Several Problems Of Vision-based Navigation And Control For Aerial Robotics
18. Upper Pose Estimation Based On Muti-features OAR Human Model In Static Images
19. Face Reconstruction And Recognition Based On Binocular Stereo
20. 3d Markerless Human Pose Estimation Based On Monocular Video Sequences
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