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1. Interface Control In Organic Light Emitting Diodes And Solar Cells
2. The Study Of Organic Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices-Bulk-heterojunction Solar Cell And Photo-detector
3. Preparation And Properties Of Humidity-sensitive Material Based On Several Modified Polyelectrolytes
4. Application Of Polyelectrolyte Layer-by-layer Self-assembly Multilayers On Fiber-optic Sensors
5. Study Of Highly Efficient Phosphorescent Polymer Light-emitting Devices Based On Polyfluorene Host
6. Humidity Sensors And Humidity Sensitive Properties Based On Polymer Nanocomposite
7. Amperometric Biosensing Studies Based On Several New Nanocomposite Enzyme Films
8. Construction And Application Of Sensor Based On New Type Nano Material
9. Study On Layer-by-layer Electrostatic Self-assembly Composite Abrasives Slurry And Its Silicon Wafer CMP Performance
10. Study On Polyelectrolyte Humidity Sensor And Its Application In Respiration Monitoring
11. Studies On Polyelectrolyte-Gated Thin Film Transistors And Their Artificial Synapses
12. Large area electro-optical tactile sensor: Characterization and design of a polymer, nanoparticle based tunneling device
13. Organic electronic devices using crosslinked polyelectrolyte multilayers as an ultra-thin dielectric material
14. Preparation Of Polyampholyte Hydrogel And Its Application In Fexible Sensing
15. Study On The Performance Of Novel Polyelectrolyte PAA/PEI-based Transparent And Flexible Resistive Random Access Memory
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