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1. Investigation Of Plasmonics And Photochemical Machining Technology On GaP Surface
2. Study Of Optical Micro/Nanofiber Sensors Based On Microfluidic Chips
3. The Research On Micro- And Nano- Structure Enhanced SPR Imaging Sensing Technology
4. Studies Of Some Cavity-based Devices Based On Photonic Crystals And Spoof Surface Plasmons
5. Study Of Low-dimensional Photodectors Based On New Mechanism Of Photodetection
6. Experimental Research On Nano-composite System Based On TiO2 Heterostructure For Photo-electro Properties
7. Breaking The Diffraction Limitation Of Light Based On 2D Metallic Waveguides
8. Research On Infrared Metamaterial Absorbers And Their Thermal Radiation Controlling Based On Surface Plasmon Polaritons
9. The Quantum Interference Of Surface Plasmon Polaritons
10. Design Of Metasurface-based Optical Waveplate And Surface Plasmon Coupler
11. Surface Plasmon Waveguides And Meteor Burst Communication Antennas
12. Research On Several Key Problems Of All-Optical Analog-To-Digital Conversion
13. Research On Surface Plasmon Polaritons Controlled By Kerr Effect
14. Research Of Terahertz Functional Devices Based On Metal Surface Plasmon Polaritons
15. The Study Of Mid-wavelength And Long-wavelength HgCdTe Focal Plane Infrared Detector Based On Artificial Photonic Microstructure Modulation
16. The Study On Optical Switches And Filtering Characteristics In Waveguide-Resonator Coupled System
17. The Study Of Optical Signal Processing Technology Based On Photon-Liquid Crystal And Hybrid Plasmonic Waveguides
18. Investigation Of Optical Characteristics Of Ⅲ-Nitride Quantum Well
19. Research On Microstructured Electrodes In Organic Light-emitting Devices
20. Manipulation Of Light Emission With Optical Antennas
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