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1. Investigation Of Plasmonics And Photochemical Machining Technology On GaP Surface
2. Photoluminescence Enhancement Of Semiconductor Quantum Structures By Localized Surface Plasmons
3. Electronic Structure Of Ⅲ-Ⅴ Narrow Gap Antimonide And Dilute-bismuth Semiconductors Studied By Infrared Modulation Spectroscopy
4. Study On Surface Plasmon Resonance-induced Enhancement In Photoluminescence Properties Of CdTe Quantum Dots
5. Interfacial Structure Of InGaAs/GaAsP Quantum Well And Performance Of Laser Device
6. Investigation On Mechanism And Transient Dynamics Of Higher Than 60% Internal Quantum Efficiency Photoluminescence In A-SiN_x:O Films
7. Weakly-Disordered Infrared Semiconductor Alloys By Photoluminescence Under Various Conditions
8. The Optical And Spin Polarization Properties Of GaAs(Sb,Bi)
9. Synthesis And Optical Performances Of Rare-earth Doped YAG Phosphor Films
10. Investigation On Growth And Characterization Of InGaAs For Uncooled Infrared Detector And Focus Plane Array
11. Zero-dimensional Ge And One-dimensional ZnO Nanostructures And Devices
12. Theoretical Design Of Er-Doped And Yb-Er Co-Doped Al2O3 Waveguide Amplifier On SiO2/Si Substrate
13. Fabrication Technique Of Er-doped Al2O3 Films, Theoretical And Experimental Investigation On Gain Characteristics Of Waveguides
14. Study On Er-Doped Silicon-Rich Silicon Oxidation Prepared By Ion Implation
15. Preparation And Nature Study Of Photoelectron Materials Based On Porous Silicon
16. Materials Growth And Device Fabrication Of GaN-based Blue LED On Silicon Substrate
17. Study On MOCVD Growth And Properties Of III-Ⅴ Nitrides And High Brightness Blue LED Wafers
18. Growth And P-type Doping Property Of GaN By RF Plasma Molecular Beam Epitaxy
19. Microstructures And Photoluminescence Of Rare Earth Ion Doped Phosphors By Self-assembly Of Nano Pseudoboehmite Composite Sol
20. P-type Doping And Analysis Of ZnO Thin Films By L-MBE Dissertation For Doctoral Degree
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