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Keyword [phase modulation]
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1. Researches On Implementation Techniques Of Key Algorithms For Continuous Phase Modulation Systems
2. Research On Linearization Of High Danamic Range Microwave Photonics Link
3. Research On Some Key Technologies Of All-optical Signal Process In Optical Communication System
4. Research On Key Techniques Of Receiver For CPM Signals In Wireless Fading Channels
5. Research On The Key Technology Of Resonator Optic Gyro
6. Research On All-optical Signal Processing Technologies For Phase Modulation Signal
7. Polarization Errors In Resonator Fiber Optic Gyroscopes
8. Research On Optimization Approach For Multi-user Wireless Transmission Based On Interference Alignment
9. Research Of New Optical Devices Based On Metal Structure Metasurface
10. Study On Fundamental Theory And Technologies Of WDM Systems And All-optical Networks
11. Study On Diagnosing The Distorted Wavefront Of A Laser Beam By Radial Shearing Interferometer And Controlling It By A New Method
12. Research On Key Techniques In Wideband Wireless Digital Communication
13. Research Of Quantum Cryptographic System And Its Key Techniques
14. Quantum Key Distribution System Of Polarization States Encoded By Phase Modulation
15. Further Studies On Modulation Instability In Optical Fibers
16. The Cross-Phase Modulation In Dispersion Management And Wavelength Division Multiplexing Systems
17. Research On Some Key Techniques Of Fiber Optic Ring Interferometric Sensor
18. Cross-phase Modulation In Wavelength Division Multiplexing Systems
19. Studies On All Optical Signal Processing In The Optical Packet Switched Networks
20. Research On Cyclostationarity And Passive Detection Technique Of Continuous Phase Modulation Signals
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