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1. The Research On Key Techniques Of ATR-Directed Image Compression
2. Research And Implementation On Key Technologies Of Volumetric Display System
3. Research On Persistence Technologies For Distributed Component Platform
4. Deterministic Learning Theory And Intelligent Diagnosis Of Oscillation Faults
5. The Study Of Persistence Layer In N-tier B/S Architecture Based System
6. The Research And Application Of Enterprise Compute Technology Based On J2EE
7. The Method Design And Application Research Of Object Persistence Based On CORBA Environment And OODB Background
8. Research On Persistence Framework Design Stategy Based On J2EE Distributed System
9. The Research And Design Of Fast Persistence Layer For Maping Object To Rational Database
10. The Research And Development Of Produce Planning Management System In Medium And Small Enterprises
11. Object/Relational Mapping And Its Implementation In Java Environment
12. The Design And Implementation Of A Call Center System For Tourism
13. Java Data Object Technical Specification And Its Application Research
14. The Public Security Traffic-Police Information Application System Based On J2EE/EJB Technology (Violation Management Subsystem)
15. Comprehensive Business System Of Industrial And Commercial Bureau Of Deyang
16. Analyse And Application Of Design Patterns In J2EE
17. Research And Development Of Manufacture Management Information System For Single And Mini-Batch Production
18. Research On Object Persistence Based On J2EE
19. Research And Implementation Of The J2EE Architecture Integrated With Struts And JDO
20. Research And Implementation Of Entity EngineBased On EMA Platform
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