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Keyword [particle swarm optimization]
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1. Application And Research Of Supervisory Predictive Control Algorithm
2. Multi-parameters Optimization And Application Of Inductive Angle Sensor
3. Information Communication Network Alarm Association Rule Mining Algorithm Based On Swarm Intelligence
4. Research On Methodology Of Analog Circuit Soft Fault Diagnosis With Tolerance
5. Research On Optimization Based Onswarm Intelligence And Its Application
6. Research On Heavy-tailed Radar Clutter Model And Range-Spread Target Detection Algorithms
7. Pan-Sharpening Of Remote Sensing Images With Fusion Framework And Sparse Representation
8. Research On Key Technologies Of Web Service Discovery And Selection
9. Study On New Joint Sparse Recovery Algorithms And Their Applications
10. Research On Key Issues Of Multi-Object Relay Tracking In Non-overlapping Cameras System
11. Research On Radio Resource Allocation In LTE-Advanced Systems
12. Research On Resilient Network Design Of The Fourth-Party Logistics
13. Research On Radiated Emission Modeling Of High Speed Circuits Based On Near-field Scanning
14. Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm And Researching Of Its Applications
15. Research On Personalized Recommendation Based On Optimized Support Vector Machine
16. Research On Human Motion Analysis From Monocular Videos
17. Study On Feature Extraction And Evaluation Method Of Radar Emitter Signals
18. The Study On Tracking And Control Technology Of Optical Telescope For Quantum Communication
19. Research On Key Technologies And Applications Of High Speed Vision System For Dynamic Measurement
20. Researches Of Diversity Enhanced Particle Swarm Optimization And Its Application
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