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Keyword [parameter identification]
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1. Research On Piezoelectric Six-axis Accelerometer Based On Redundant Parallel Mechanism
2. Research On Key Techniques Of Vector Variable Frequency Controlled Electric Actuator
3. Analysis Of Lead-free Solder Constitutive Model And Its Parameter Identification Method
4. Attitude Takeover Control In Post-capture Of Target By Space Robot
5. Identification Of Parameter And Compensation Method For Positioning Error Of Six-degree-of-freedom Industrial Robot
6. Application Of Joint Time-Frequency Analysis Method In Parameter Identification
7. An Optimization Method Inspired By "Chaotic" Ant Behavior And Its Applications
8. Research And Application Of Temperature Control Strategies Based On Distributed Parameter System In Large-Scale Vertical Quench Furnace
9. Research On The Nonlinear Parameter Identification And Robust Control Of Aircraft
10. System Modal Parameter Identification Based On Continuous Wavelet Transform Method
11. Study On The Output Based Modal Parameter Identification
12. Research On Aircraft Flutter Modal Parameter Identification
13. Evolutionary Optimization And Its Applications In Inverse Problems Of Differential Equations
14. A Study On Morlet Wavelet Transform Theory And Application With Software Implementation
15. Monitoring Signal Analysis And Processing For Bridges And Time-varying Modal Parameter Identification Based On Hilbert-Huang Transform
16. Study On Control And Parameter Identification Of Chaos Systems
17. Study On Nonlinear Model And Predictive Control Based On Intelligent Algorithm
18. Ambient Exciting Modal Parameter Identification Based On Modern Time-frequency Analysis
19. Research On Chaotic Ant Swarm Optimization Algorithm And Its Application
20. Nature Inspired Real-Valued Optimization And Applications
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