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1. Studies On Fiber Optic Ph Sensors And Discussions About Their Industrial Application
2. Synthesis Of New Fluorescence Carriers And Their Application In Fluorescence PH Sensor Preparation
3. Fiber Optic PH Sensor Based On Evanescent Wave Absorption
4. Preparation And Study On The SERS Probe And LSPR Optical Fiber Sensor
5. Application Of Polyelectrolyte Layer-by-layer Self-assembly Multilayers On Fiber-optic Sensors
6. The Fabrication Of Pressure-resistant Sb/Sb2O3-pH Sensor
7. Preparation And Application Of SERS Substrate Based On Plasmonic Nanoanterina
8. Study On Fiber Bragg Grating Based PH Sensor And Its Sensitivity Improvement
9. Research Of Optical Fiber Surface Plasmori Resonance PH Sensor
10. Study On Fiber Optic PH Sensor In Long Period Fiber Grating Based On Intelligent Hydrogels
11. Research And Application Of An All-solid-state PH Sensor Based On Modification Membranes
12. Synthesis And Properties Of PH Sensors Based On Acylhydrazones And Benzimidazoles
13. Study Of Novel All-Solid-State PH Sensors
14. Research Into Optical PH Sensor Based On Spectral Analysis
15. Self-assembled Graphene Field Effect Tube Type PH Sensor
16. Study On Performance Of AlIn(Ga)N/GaN Heterostructure HEMTs And PH Sensor
17. Preparation,Properties And Application Of PX Chemical Sensors Based On Graphite Eletrode Modification
18. Fluorescent PH Sensor Based On Composite Quantum Dot Film
19. Research On Urban River PH Acquisition System And Sensor Based On IOT
20. Research And Application Of Optical Fiber Chemical Sensing Technology
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