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Keyword [optimal control]
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1. Physically-based Editing Of Elastic Motion
2. Performance Analysis And Optimal Control Of Information Propagation In Delay Tolerant Network
3. Control Theory Of Fractional Order Systems
4. Researches On Fuzzy And Model-free Optimal Control Based On Single-network Adaptive Dynamic Programming
5. Multi-Sale Modeling And Optimal Control Of Multiple Re-Entrant Complex Manufacturing Systems
6. Study On Reinforcement Learning And Its Application For Upper Limb Robot-assisted Rehabilitation Systems
7. Preview Control Of Descriptor Continuous-time Systems
8. Research On Propagating Laws And Containing Policies Of Network Virus
9. On The Finite-time Stability Analysis And Gait Optimal Control For Dynamic Bipedal Robot
10. Research On Estimation And Control For Networked Control Systems
11. Research On Control Method And Application For Time-delay Systems
12. Dynamic Controlling,Optimization And Simulation Of Residual Value Risk For Infrastructure Public Private Partnership Projects
13. Performance Limitations Analysis And Optimality Design Of MPC Systems
14. The Research And Application Of The Intelligent Coordinated Control Based Rate Optimal Control
15. Study On Intelligent Integrated Modeling Theory And Its Applocations To Optimal Control Of Nonferrous Metallurgical Process
16. Study On Multivariable Intelligent Control And Its Application To Ball Mill Coal Pulverized System
17. The Study Of Analysis And Synthesis For Hybrid Systems
18. Study Of Optimal Control Of Multipurpose Station Refining And Transmission System
19. Iterative Learning Control Systems Design And Its Applications
20. Research On Kinematic Control Of Hydraulic Parallel Robot With Six Degrees Of Freedom
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