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Keyword [optical communications]
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1. Free-Space Optical Communications With Relays
2. Research On Highly Stable Acquisition And Tracking Technologies Of Space Two-axis Optoelectronic Gimbals
3. Studies Of Integrated Etched Diffraction Grating Demultiplexers For Optical Communications
4. Study On WDM Optical Communications Devices Based On Holographic Fresnel Lenses
5. Non-Silicon Based Optical Switch And Variable Optical Attenuator For Optical Communications
6. The Research On Methods Of Obtaining The High Precision Pointing Information In Space Optical Communications
7. Some Studies Of Devices For Optical Communications And Sensing Based On Fiber Gratings
8. Investigation On High Power And Low Noise Tunable Single-frequency Fiber Laser For All Optics Communications
9. Fiber Coupled And Optically Preamplified Satellite-to-Ground Bidirectional Laser Communication Systems And Its Key Technologies
10. On The Self-Similarities And Communication Limits Of Optical Solitons Propagating In Fibers
11. Theoretical And Experimental Study On Fiber Optical Parametric Amplifiers
12. Research On Distrbuted Bragg Reflector Single-frequency Fiber Laser
13. Research On The Strategy Of Quality-of-Service In Optical Burst Switching Networks
14. Study On The Optical Comb Filter And Its Applications In Optical Communications And Microwave Signal Processing
15. Investigation On High-speed Optical Transmission And All-optical Signal Processing
16. Space Radiation Effect On The Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers For Inter-satellite Optical Communications
17. Research On The Optimal Design And Performance Evaluation Methods Of The Optical System In Intersatellite Optical Communications
18. Research On Short Pulse Compression On Optic Parametric Amplifier And All-optical Regeneration Of Phase Modulated Signal
19. The Analyse Of Oversampling Of CCD In The APT Technology Of Optical Communications And The Design Of Drive Circuit
20. Study On Beam Selection Schemes For Indoor Wireless Optical Communication
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