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Keyword [nonlinear system]
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1. Study On Pattern-Based NN Control Of Nonlinear Systems
2. Study On Adaptive Iterative Learning Control For Several Classes Of Nonlinear Systems
3. Consensus Control For High-Order Nonlinear Multi-agent Systems
4. Study On The Receding Horizon Optimization Methods In Neural Network Predictive Control
5. Research On SVR-based Non-Mechanism Modeling And Fault Prediction
6. Adaptive Neural Network Control For Stochastic Nonlinear Systems
7. Research On Iterative Learning Control Algorithm For Nonlinear System
8. On Adaptive Output Feedback Dynamic Surface Control Of Several Classes Of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
9. Research Of Nonlinear Filtering And Control Theories And Its Application Based On Minimum Model Error Criterion
10. Research On Control Strategies For Nonlinear Systems
11. The Studying Of Wavelet Networks And Multiple Models Adaptive Control
12. Modeling, Control And Application Of PWM DC/DC Converter Based On Chaotic Dynamics
13. Robust Control Of Strict Feedback Nonlinear System And Its Application In Vehicle Cruise Control
14. The Study On Attack Helicopter Super-maneuverable And Super-nimble Robust Adaptive Flight Control Using Neural Network
15. Neural Network Adaptive Reconfigurable Control For Uncertain Nonlinear Systems
16. Robust Control Theory And Its Application On Nonlinear Systems
17. Issues On The Applications Of Wavelet Analysis In The Control Of Nonlinear Systems
18. Research On The Generalized Predictive Control Of A Class Of Nonlinear System
19. Intelligent Adaptive Reconfigurable Control For Complex Nonlinear System
20. Research On The Internal Model Control Of Nonlinear System Using Neural Networks
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