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1. Researches On Microwave Key Device Based On Complementary Split Ring Resonator And Nematic Liquid Crystal
2. Filling Of Photonic Crystal Fibers And Photonic Crystal Fiber Grating
3. Photonic Crystal Thz Devices And Photonic Crystal Fiber Supercontinuum Generation
4. Optically Tunable Filter Using Liquid Crystal Defect In 1D Photonic Crystal
5. Research Of Phase-Only Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator
6. The Phase-Only Twist Nematic Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator
7. Research Of Phase-Only Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator
8. Research On The Response Times Of Twist Nematic Liquid Crystal Display
9. The Circuit Design Of TN-LCD Driver And Transmittance Measure
10. Characterization And Optimization Of The Properties Of Random Laser In Dye PM650Doped Nematic Liquid Crystals
11. Polarization-Independent Tunable Interleaver Based On Liquid Crystals
12. The Design And Fabrication Of Tunable Vertical-cavity Surface-emitting Lasers With Liquid Crystal
13. The Research Of Tunable Dye-doped Liquid Crystal Laser
14. Tuning Technology Researches On Microwave Key Passive Component Based On Liquid Crystal Material
15. The Research On Structure And Performance Of Nematic Liquid Crystal Terahertz Modulators
16. The Influence Of The Distribution Of Refractive Index And Amplification On Lasing Modes Generating From A Random Amplification System
17. Study On Controllable Refresh Holographic Display Technology
18. Viewing Angle Controllable Nematic Liquid Crystal Display
19. An Electrically Tunable IMSL Phase Shifter And Antennas By Using Nematic Liquid Crystal
20. Electronically Controlled Grating Based On Chiral Ion Doped Liquid Crystal
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