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1. Studies Of Some Cavity-based Devices Based On Photonic Crystals And Spoof Surface Plasmons
2. Characteristics Of Waveguides With Negative Refraction And Their Applications
3. Study On Two Dimensional Photonic Crystals And Left-Handed Materials
4. Study Of Metamaterials And Phased Array Antennas Based On Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Structures
5. Study On Super-resolution Imaging And Nano-lithography Of Curved Multilayered Metal-Dielectric Structure
6. Research On Terahertz Metamaterials
7. Research On Properties Of Transmission In One-dimensional Photonic Crystal Containing Left-handed Materials
8. Research On Negative Refraction Materials And Photonic Crystal
9. Study On Nonlinearity And Negative Refraction Of Photonic Crystal Fibres
10. Research On Photonic Crystal Low-pass Spatial Filter
11. Negative Refractive Index Cladding Graded Index Core Optical Waveguide Dispersion
12. Design And Simulation Of Photonic Crystal Functional Devices
13. Research On The New Resonant Cavities Using Metamaterial
14. Photonic Structure Imaging Was Used To Focus On Study
15. Structural Design And Performance Study Of Optical Communication Devices Based On Photonic Crystals
16. The Design Of Nano Optical Natenna Microstructure
17. Research And Design Of Left-handed Metamaterial Structure And Application For Microstrip Antenna
18. Sub-diffraction light propagation and imaging in planar negative refraction waveguides
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