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Keyword [nearest neighbor classification]
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1. Nonparametric Margin Maximization Criterion And Its Applications
2. Study On Feature Transformation Algorithm Based On K-Nearest-Neighbor Classification Rule
3. Study On Generalized Nearest Neighbor Pattern Classification
4. Vision-Based Method In Biologic Strip Analyse System
5. Fault Feature Extraction And Intelligent Fusion Approaches For Analog Circuit Diagnosis
6. Mining Research, Based On The Integration Algorithm Of The K-nearest Neighbor Classification
7. Based On Improved K Nearest Neighbor Classification Of It Asset Management System Development
8. Research Of Adaptive Local Hyperplane K-nearest Neighbor Classification Algorithm Based On Hadoop Platform
9. Multiple Observation Samples Classifier Algorithm Of Space Distribution Association Description
10. Nearest Neighbor Classification Improved Algorithm
11. Research On Robust Large Margin Classification Learning
12. Vehicle Type Recognition Based On Data Mining Research
13. Research On Methods Of Predicting Pareto Dominance In Multi-objective Optimization
14. Research On Face Expression Recognition Based On Unascertained Clustering
15. Accuracy Estimation Based On The Difference Between Test Samples And Train Samples
16. Research On Multi-objective Optimization Pareto Dominance Prediction Methods And Algorithm
17. Improved K- Nearest Neighbor Classification
18. Face Recognition Of Gabor Wavelet Research Based On Illuminate Transformation
19. The Research Of Similarity Metric In K Nearest Neighbor Classification And Fuzzy C Means Clustering
20. Evolutionary Extreme Learning Machine Based Feature Weighted Nearest Neighbor Classification Algorithm
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