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1. Research On Novel Rare-earth Doped Fiber Lasers
2. .698 Nm Ultra-narrow Linewidth Laser Developed A Femtosecond Optical Frequency Flow Related Theoretical Studies
3. Study Of Vibration Sensitivity Of Optical Cavities Used For Stable And Narrow-linewidth Laser System
4. The Influence Of Optical Fiber Phase Noise On Transmission Of Narrow-Linewidth Laser And The Technique Of Phase Noise Cancellation
5. Research Of High Power All Fiber Narrow-linewidth Laser And Supercontinuum Source
6. Linewidth Masurement Vitual System Of Narrow Linewidth Laser
7. Narrow Linewidth Lasers And Narrow Linewidth Optical Frequency Comb
8. Study On 1550nm High Power Narrow Linewidth Light Source
9. Resarch On Coupled-cavity Semiconductor Laser
10. Development Of698nm Narrow-linewidth Lasers
11. Laser Spectral Linewidth Suppression Mechanism And Technique For Coherent Detection
12. The Research Of Linewidth Measurement System Of Narrow Linewidth Laser
13. Development And Application Of Optical Communication Band Narrow-linewidth Lasers
14. Study On Coherent Polarization Beam Combining System Of High Power Fiber Lasers
15. Researches On Laser Ablation And Laser Frequency Stabilization Technologies In Ion Optical Frequency Standard
16. Investigation On High-power Narrow-linewidth Hybrid-gain Fiber Lasers
17. Linear-polarized Tunable Narrow Linewidth Ytterbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
18. Theoretical And Experimental Studies On Continuous Wave Polarization-Maintaining Yb3+-Doped Fiber Amplifier
19. Distributed Optical Fiber Acoustic-vibration Sensor
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