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1. Research On Hybrid Explosion-based Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm And Its Applications
2. Study On Mutation Operators And Simulation Platform Of Evolution Strategies
3. Analysis And Application Of Particle Swarm Optimization
4. The Study Of Evolutionary Algorithm On Solving Multi-Trap And Imbalance Optimization Problems
5. Improved Genetic Algorithm With Application To Optimize The Address Of The Base-station In CDMA
6. Research On Oil Blending Optimization With Particle Swarm Optimization
7. The Improvent And Applications Upon The Particle Swarm Optimization
8. A New Improved Particle Swarm Algorithm
9. Mutation Test Applied To Object-Oriented Programming
10. A Study Of Distribution Network Reconfiguration Base On The Improved Patheno-genetic Algorithm
11. Research On Job-Shop Scheduling Problem Based On Intelligent Optimization Algorithm
12. Adaptive Quantum-behaved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm With Mutation Operator And Application
13. A Genetic Algorithm Based Method For Optimization Of One-Dimensional Cutting-Stock Without Replicated Sizes
14. Genetic Algorithm And Its Application In Travelling Salesman Problem
15. Research Of SoC Hardware/software Partitioning Methodology Based On Genetic Algorithm And Tabu Search
16. Research And Applications Based On Improved Genetic Algorithm
17. A Algorithm For Sfl With Mixed Optimization Strategy And Its Application
18. Multi-objective Function Of An Immune Genetic Algorithm
19. Hybrid Intelligent Optimal Algorithms With Applications
20. A New Genetic Algorithm For Graph Coloring
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