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Keyword [mutation]
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1. Research On The Evolution, Self-replication And Mutation Characteristics In Evolution Of Internet Macroscopic Topology
2. Research On Hybrid Explosion-based Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm And Its Applications
3. Study On Improving The Numerical Optimization Efficiency Of Real-coded Genetic Algorithms
4. Study On Mutation Operators And Simulation Platform Of Evolution Strategies
5. Research On The Life Characteristic Of Internet Macroscopic Topology
6. Theory And Applications Study On Multi-mutation Meme-gene Co-evolution Algorithm
7. Study On Fast Dynamic Optical Link Establishment In Wavelength Router Optical Network
8. Analysis And Application Of Particle Swarm Optimization
9. Knowledge-Based Multi-Agent Mind Evolutionary Algorithm And Its Applications In Engineering
10. Research On Combination Of Crossover Operators Of Real Coded Genetic Algorithms
11. Study On Theory And Applications Of Intelligent Optimization Algorithms Based On Immunity
12. Research On Theory And Method Of Protocol Security Testing
13. Research On Key Technologies For RNA Secondary Structure Topologization And Its Applications
14. Study Of Artemis In Regulation Cell Cycle Recovery From Replication Checkpoint
15. Research On Hybrid Particle Swarm Cooperative Optimization Algorithm And Its Application
16. Research On Component Security Testing Theories And Technologies Based On Fault Injection
17. Component Interface Validation And Test Based On XML
18. On The Computational Complexity Of Evolutionary Algorithms
19. Study On Methodologies And Applications Of Microchip Electrophoresis Coupled With Laser-Induced Fluorescence Detection
20. Study On The Leakage Detection Theory And Experiment Research Of Gas Pipeline Network
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