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Keyword [multi-feature fusion]
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1. Research On Hand Gesture Interaction Technology For Home Service Robot
2. Research On Key Technology Of Object Tracking Based On Multi-feature Fusion In Complex Scenes
3. Research Of Traffic Sign Detection And Recognition Based On Multi-feature Fusion Under Driving Environment
4. Domain Adaptation And Semantic Correlation In Video Concept Detection
5. Research On Image Retrieval Method Based On Multi Features Fusion And Its Application
6. Research On Feature Extraction, Comparison And Fusion Methods For 3D Model Retrieval
7. Research On Content Based Trademark Image Retrieval
8. Skin Color Detection In Static Images
9. Research And Application Of Vision And Video Key Techniques Oriented To Scientific Instrument Network Lab
10. Research On Computer Vision Based Moving Object Tracking
11. Research On Key Techniques Of Image Classification For Semantic Extraction
12. Research Of Weed Recognition Method Based On Feature Optimization And Multi-feature Fusion
13. Mean Shift Tracking Technology Based On Multi-feature Fusion
14. The Research Of Several Key Technologies In Gait Recognition
15. Daytime Water Hazard Detection Based On The Multi-feature Fusion In The Wild Field
16. Small Target Detection And Tracking Based On Temporal Predictions Of Background In Infrared Image Sequences
17. Research On Detection Of Small Weak Infrared Target Based On Multi-feature Fusion In Background Of Sea-sky
18. Research Of Multi Feature Fusion Technic Applied To Content Based Image Retrieval
19. Research On Methods Of Infrared Image Target Detection
20. Research And Application Of Content-Based Image Database Retrieval Technology
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