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1. Study Of Optical Micro/Nanofiber Sensors Based On Microfluidic Chips
2. MHD Microfluidic Drive And Optical Apparatuses
3. A Study On Monolithic Integrated Chip With Digital Microfluidics And Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator Sensor
4. Research On Fabrication And Application Of Liquid-liquid Extraction Microfluidic Chips
5. Novel Surface Acoustic Wave Devices Based Sensors And Microfluidic Actuators
6. Integrated Microfluidic Chips For Single-cell Gene Expression Profiling
7. The Research Of Microfluidic Dye Lasers And Optofluidic Devices
8. Numerical Simulation On Multiphysics Coupling Field Of Microfluidics Chips
9. Application Of Microfluidics And Nanomagnetic Beads In Biomedicine
10. Study On The Problem Of Placement And Scheduling For Digital Microfluidics-based Biochips
11. Multidimensional And Multifunctional Manipulations Of Nanoliter/Picoliter Droplets By Combining Microfluidics With Magnetism
12. Integration And Application Of Surface Acoustic Wave Technique In Microfluidics
13. Research On Cells Metabolism And Interaction Based On Combination Technology Between Mass Spectrometry And Microfluidic Devices
14. Study On Simulation And Fabrication Of Magnetic Bead Microchip Based On MEMS Technology
15. Electrowetting On Dielectric Driven Digital Microfluidics Simulation Research
16. Construction And Applications Of Immuno Magnetic Bead Microfluidic System
17. Study On The Secondary Flowing Etching Method Inside Microchannels Based On The Control Of Microscale Laminar Flow
18. Research On Continuous Cell Separation Biochip Using Dielectrophoresis
19. A Microfluidic Chip For Cell-based Assays
20. Digital Microfluidics-based Technology Non-contact Point-like Experimental Research
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