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1. The Evanescence Character Of Optical Microfiber And Research On Micropollutant Detection
2. Theoretical And Experimental Study Of Slow-light Effect In Microfiber Knot Resonator
3. Research On The Functionalization Of Optical Microfibers
4. Optical Microfiber Fabrication And All-optic Microfiber Modulator
5. Research On The Principle And Application Of MOEMS Accelerometer Based On Microfiber Loop Resonantor
6. Study On Micro-/Nanofiber Devices Based On Evanescent Field
7. Investigation Of Micro/Nano Fiber Devices And Its Application In All Optical Signal Processing
8. Novel Silica Optical Microcavities And Applications
9. Modeling Of Properties And Sensing Applications Of Microfiber Ring Resonators In Aqueous Solution
10. Fabrication And Research Of Nanowires/microfiber Hybrid Structure Laser
11. Multimode Evolution And Micromixer Application Of Non-Adiabatic Microfiber Taper
12. At Micro-and Nano Fiber Ring Resonator Electro-optic Effect
13. Research On Micro-/Nanofiber Bragg Gratings And Their Applications
14. Study On Measuring Microfiber Diameter In Melt-blown Web Based On Image Processing
15. Study Of Slow-light Effect In Microfiber Coil Resonator And Its Application Exploration For Sending Angular Velocity
16. Microfiber-based Passive Optical Micro-devices
17. Microfiber Devices Based On Coupling Theory
18. Computational Modeling Study Of Laser-induced Thermal Bubbles For Microfluidic Mixing
19. Several Optical Devices Based On Microfiber
20. Humidity Sensor Based On Micro-nano Optical Fiber Ring Resonator Is Studied
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