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1. Improving The Scalability Of Deterministic Replay
2. Improving The Scalability Of In-Memory Computing Systems Using Transactional Memory
3. On Performance Optimization And Evaluation For Multicore Memory Systems
4. Research And Implementation Of Highly Energy-Efficient Wireless Sensor Nodes
5. Preparation And Characterization Of Nitride Based Resistive Switching Random Access Memory (RRAM) Materials
6. Optimization Techniques For Parallel Discrete Event Simulation On CMP+GPU Heterogeneous Computing System
7. Research On Image Processing Based On Memristors
8. Memory Encryption Architecture Technology Based On Memristor
9. Study Of Key Techniques In Compression Of Ultra-high-definition Images With Constrained Resource
10. Research On Key Techniques Of Deterministic Multiprocessing Targeting Multicore/manycore Architectures
11. Study On Device Characteristic And Modeling Of Resistive Random Access Memory(RRAM)
12. Researchof The Key Modules And Compiler Forlow Voltage SRAM
13. Research On Key Technologies Of SSD-based Multi-level Storage Architecture
14. New Techniques For Real-Time OS On Multi-core Systems
15. Lifetime Improvement Of NAND Flash Memory Using Digital Signal Processing Techniques
16. Single Event Upsets Hardened By Design Technology Research Of Static Random Access Memories
17. Research On Low Cost High Reliability Power Gated SRAM Design
18. Research On Some Algorithms For New-Type Cryptographic Hard Problems
19. Research And VLSI Implementation Of Reconfigurable Vision Processor
20. Research On Novel High-Density Nonvolatile Memories
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