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1. Study Of Several Key Problems In Biometrics Based On Machine Learning Techniques
2. Stress Response Mathematic Model And Its Application In Reply Plan
3. The Research Of Low Rank Matrix Approximation Based Machine Learning Algorithms
4. Study Of Data Completion, Labeling And Retrieval Based On Machine Learning
5. Weight Learning And Differential Evolutionary In Machine Learning
6. Research On Key Issues In Internet Traffic Classification
7. Robust Machine Learning In Adversarial Environment And Its Applications
8. Research On Key Technologies Of Machine Learning Based Traffic Identification
9. A Research On Speedup Of Machine Learning Algrithom Based On Matrix Approximation
10. The Study On E-mailcommunication Entity Relationshiip Mining And Analysis
11. Rough Matroid And Its Application To Dimensionality Reduction In High-dimensional Data
12. Research On The Object Recognition Technology Based On Visual Cognition
13. Research On Some Key Issues For Classification And Identification Of Network Traffic
14. Graph Based Machine Learning Algorithms Design And Its Application In Neural Network Research
15. A Study Of Object Tracking In Complex Scenes Based On Compute Vision
16. Research On Analysis Of Malware Based On Machine Learning And Intelligent Detection Technology
17. The Key Technoloy Research On Trustworthy Web Services Discovery Based On Machine Learning Methods
18. Study Of Sparse Feature Learning Method In MRI Image Analysis
19. Research On Non-local Means And Its Applications
20. Extensible And Scalable Bayesian Learning Methods: Modeling And Inference
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