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1. Designs And Applications Of Some Optical Nano-Antennas
2. Studies Of MZI Sensing Chips Based On Integrated Polymer Waveguides
3. Asymptotic Solutions Of Modes And Its Application In Wave Propagation Computation
4. Coupling And Sensing Mechanisms In Dual-core Photonic Crystal Fibers
5. Research And Applications Of Silicon-Based Micro/Nano Binary Nonuniform Waveguide Gratings
6. Research On SPR Sensor For Detection Of Low-Molecular-Weight Analytes
7. Complex Mode Expansion Method And Its Applications In Opitcal Fiber Based Devices
8. The Research On Dispersion Compensation Of Photonic Crystal Fibers
9. Investigation On Quasi-leaky Mode Problem And Optical Sensor Based On Leaky-mode
10. Leakage Characteristics Of Complementary-conducting-strip Transmission Line At Millimeter/Terahertz
11. Dielectric Micro-cavity Arrays Based Light Manipulation And Its Application In Photodetectors
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