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1. Research On Algorithm Of Iris Recognition
2. Research On Iris Recognition Algorithm
3. Research On Algorithms Of Iris Recognition And System Implementation
4. Iris Recognition Based On 2D Log Gabor Filtering
5. Researches Of Iris Identification Technology
6. The Methods Of Iris Recognition
7. Studies Of Iris Recognition Based On Wavelet Transform
8. Study And Implementation Of Identification Recognition Algorithms Based On Iris
9. Research On Technology Of Iris Recognition System
10. Research Of Iris Recognition Based On Entropy And Moment Invariants
11. The Research On The Method Of Iris Location
12. Algorithm Reserch Of Iris Recognition Based On 2D LogGabor Filter
13. A Study On The Pre-Processing Algorithms For Iris Recognition
14. Study On Image Segmentation Based On Snake Model
15. The Research Of Iris Location Problem
16. Study On Algorithm Of Iris Location And Recognition
17. An Iris-Based Personal Identification System
18. Study On Iris Recognition Based On Gabor Filtering
19. Research On Algorithms Of Iris Location And Recognition
20. Research On Partial Similarity Measure Iris Recognition Alogrithm Based On Local Features
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