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Keyword [information-centric networking]
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1. Research On Energy-Efficient Schemes In Information-Centric Networking
2. Research On The Service Cache Methods In Information-Centric Networking
3. Research And Implementation Of Sdn-Based Icn Architecture And Efficient Caching
4. Design And Implementation Of An Information Dissemination Platform Oriented To Iot
5. Study On Cache Placement Policy Based On Information-Centric Networking
6. The Research And Analysis On Routing Technique In Information-Centric Networking
7. A Data-Oriented Network Architecture For Content Delivery
8. Research On Congestion Control Algorithm For Future Internet
9. The Design And Implementation Of Wireless Gateway Based On Information Centric Networking
10. Research On Mobility Strategy In Content-Centric Networking
11. Research On A Unified Framework Of Information-centric Networking
12. Design And Simulated Implementation Of Routing Algorithm In Information-Centric Networking
13. Design And Simulated Implementation Of Cognitive Routing Protocol In Information-Centric Networking
14. Design And Simulated Implementation Of Green QoS Routing Mechanism In Information-Centric Networking
15. The Research Of Access Control Issues In Information-Centric Networking
16. Research On ICN-oriented Scalable Name-based Routing Mechanisms
17. Research On Caching Resource Management Of Information-Centric Networking And The Related Applications
18. Cache Performance Optimization Mechanisms In Information-centric Networking
19. Service Provisionings Over Information-Centric Networking, Implementations And Optimizations
20. Research On The Thchnologies Of Content Process In Information-centric Network
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