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1. Studies On Amperometric Immunosensors Based On Functionalized Nanoparticles For Single-analyte And Multianalytes Immunoassay In Same Interface
2. New Fabricating Methods Of Active Nano-interface As Applied To Electrochemical Biosensor Design
3. Study On PMMA Microfluidic Immunoassay Chip System Based On Magenetic Beads
4. Research Of Fiber Optic Biosensor Based On Evanescent Wave
5. Biomolecule-Functionalized Nanoparticles For Electrochemical Immunoassay Of Tumor Markers
6. Studies Of Performance Improvement For The Wavelength Modulation Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor
7. Studies On Amperometric Immunosensors Based On Assembly Of Nanoparticles And Novel Signal Amplificatory Strategy
8. Preparation And Application Of Piezoelectric Biosensor Based On Signal Amplification Technology
9. Research On Measurement And Control System Of Automated Chemiluminescent Immunoassay Analyzer
10. The Design Of The Miniature SPR Bio-analytical System And Its Application In Environmental Pollutions
11. Magnetic Beads-based Electrochemical Immunosensor
12. Studies On Piezoelectric Immunosensor And Soil Bound Residues Of Metsulfuron Methy1
13. Design And Application Of Surface Acoustic Wave Liquid Sensor
14. Laser-Excited Solid Phase Time-Resoived Fluorescence Immunoassay Systems
15. The Fabrication Of Multi-channel Microfluidic Chromatography Immunoassay
16. Studies Of Ultrasensitive Electrochemical Immunosensers Based On Enzymetically Catalytic Amplification
17. Study On Signal Enhancement Of Electrochemical Immunosensor Based On Biocatalytic Metal Deposition
18. Development Of Novel Biosensors Based On Flow Injection Chemiluminescence
19. Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering Applied To Label Immunoassay
20. Research Of Detecting Platform For Biochemiluminescence
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