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1. Research On Control And Simulation For Laser Flying Marking System And Laser Processing Robot
2. Job Shop Scheduling With Genetic Algorithms
3. A Method Of Using Lethal Chromosome Of Genetic Algorithm
4. Research Of Routing Technology Based On Immune Genetic Algorithm In Optical Burst Switching
5. Study Of Immune Particle Swarm Optimization
6. The Study Of Immune Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm And Its Application
7. Research Of Data Classification Means Based On Ant Colony Algorithm
8. The Research On Job-Shop Scheduling Problem Based On The Immune Genetic Algorithm
9. Research On Immune Genetic Algorithm
10. Research Of Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problem Based On Hybrid Quantum-inspired Evolutionary Algorithm
11. Structure Learning Of BN Using Improved Cloud Genetic Algorithm
12. Research Of The Population’s Diversity Of Artificial Immune Algorithm
13. Based On Artificial Immune-mixed And Colony Algorithm Of WSN Path Optimization Research
14. Robot Path Planning Based On Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
15. Research On Path Planning Method Of Wheeled Robot
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