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1. Image Representation, Matching And Recognition With Graph Theory And Sparse Constraint Models
2. Research On Key Technologies Of Quantum Image Security
3. Harmonic Transform Theory Based On Matrix Lie Groups And Its Application In Image Watermarking
4. Image Representation Models Based On Local Features: Theory And Practise
5. Research On Constrained Matrix Based Image Representation And Retrieval
6. Research On Medical Image Registration Based On Information Theoretic Measure
7. Research On Image Feature Learning Algorithm And Its Applications
8. Key Technologies Research On Finger Vein Recognition For Low Quality Images
9. Research On Quantum Algorithms For Image Processing
10. Research On Image Representation Model Based On Non - Classical Feeling Field And Its Application
11. Modeling And Image Representation Of Primary Visual Cortex Facing Functional Column
12. Researches On Image Representation And Geometric Constraints In Video Coding
13. Image Representation And Retrieval Based On Graph Theory
14. Methodology Of Product Creative Design And Design Knowledge Mining Based On The Hybrid Representation Model Of Design Knowledge
15. Wavelet And Variational PDE Based Image Modeling Theory, Algorithm And Application
16. Study On NAM Image Representation Methods Based On Gouraud Shading Approach And Multi-Subpattern
17. Study On The Storage And Operation Method Of Rectangle NAM Image Representation Model
18. Study On Image Representation Method Based On Triangular Mesh
19. Study On Multiple Sub-pattern Image Representation And Retrieve Methods Based On NAM
20. Studies On Inclined Plane Decomposition Based Non-symmetry And Anti-packing Image Representation Methods And Processing Algorithms
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