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1. Research On Curve And Surface Fitting Problems In Image Processing
2. Imaging Theoretical Modeling And System Analysis Of Smooth Surface Defect Evaluation Based On Light Scattering Method
3. The Key Processing Technologies Of Microscopic Video Stream And Its Application
4. Retinal Image Interoperability In Chronic Disease Information System And Its Vessel Network Quantitative Analysis
5. Design On Machine Vision Navigation System Of Rice Transplanter And Path Tracking Experiment
6. Fast Algorithm Research And Hardware Implementation On Image Processing
7. Research On Measurement Algorithm Of Processing Targets For Bamboo Splitting Machine Based On Machine Vision
8. Research On Several Issues About Image Processing Based On Pulse Coupled Neural Networks
9. Modeling Theroies And Applications Of Non-polynomial Parametric Curves And Surfaces In Image Compression And Enlargement
10. Research On Ferrograph Image Segmentation And Wear Particle Identification
11. Research On Image Processing Based On Memristors
12. Study On Digital Image Processing And Mesoscopic Damage Constitutive Model Of Coal
13. Research Of Cell Detecting, Counting And 3-D Reconstruction From Microscopic Images Based On Convergence Index
14. Research On Image Processing Based On Anisotropic Diffusion Equations
15. Aplication Research Of Nonlocal Information And TGV Regularization For Image Processing
16. Complex Image Segmentation Based On Immune Clonal Selection Optimization And Spectral Clustering
17. The Study On Low-level Vision Algorithms Used In PCB Automatic Optical Inspection Systems
18. Reseach On Optimization And Level Set Methods For Image Segmentation
19. Research On The Analysis And Recognition Of Human Actions In Video
20. Object Extraction Based On Image Processing Techniques And Its Applications In Crack Detection
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