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Keyword [hybrid system]
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1. Research On Optimization Techniques For Bounded Model Checking Of Hybrid Systems
2. Analysis And Design Of Networked Control Based On Hybrid System Theory
3. Analysis And Control Of Hybrid Dynamical Systems
4. Research On The Key Technologies Of Multimedia Mobile Satellite Communication Systems
5. Modeling And Optimal Control Mixed With Logic And Rules In Industrial Process
6. The Stabiliaty Analysis And Optimal Control Of Multi-model Hybrid System
7. Fault Diagnosis For Power Electronic Circuits Based On Hybrid System Theory
8. Research And Application On Flexible Hyper Topology Space Model Of Generalized Intelligent System
9. Modeling And Control Of Hybrid System
10. Research On The Stability For A Class Of Distributed Parameter Hybrid Systems
11. Some Symbolic Computation Issues In Program Verification And System Analysis
12. Analysis And Synthesis Of Markovian Jump Hybrid System
13. Study On Hybrid Systems Robust Synthesis Based On Symbolic Mode
14. Research On Fault Diagnosis Methods For Sampled-Data Systems
15. For Real-time And Hybrid Systems. Ltlc: Continuous-time Temporal Logic,
16. Study On Cooperative Localization For Hy-Brid System Of Mobile Robot And Wireless Sensor Networks
17. Research On Simulation Modeling Method Of Engineering Systems Based On Meta-Model And Its Application
18. Research On Some Problems About Model-Based Diagnosis Of Hybrid Systems
19. Study Of Extended Petri Nets Application System
20. C/E-PLC Automata-Formal Verification Of Hybrid Systems And Its Application On Chemical Process Control
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