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1. Improving On Thermal Effect In Gain Medium And Experimental Investigation Of All-solid-state High-Power Single-Frequency Lasers
2. Study On The Vacuum Surface Flashover Of High-power Microwave Window
3. Study On High-performance High-power KHz Linewidth Single-frequency Fiber Laser And Its Application In Frequency Doubling
4. Development Of High Power Green Light-emitting Diodes On Silicon Substrate
5. Research On High Power Two Micro-meter Single-doped Ho:YAG Solid-state Laser
6. Investigation Of 1.5 μm Laser Generated By A Singly Resonant Optical Parametric Oscillator
7. Research On Techniques Of Precise Positioning Of A Small-scale Focal Spot In The Target Area Of High Power Laser Facility
8. Circularly Polarized Radiation Techniques For High Power Microwaves
9. Research On High Efficiency High Power GaN Semiconductor Amplifier
10. Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction In OFDM Systems
11. Research On High Power Millimeter Wave Quasi-optical Devices
12. Analysis Of High Power And Energy All Fiber Laser And The Frequency Doubling Experiments
13. Investigation On Processing Of Fused Silica Substrate Used In High Power Laser System
14. Research On Al2O3Waveguide Dielectric Film Of Electrode Surface For RF Slab CO2Laser
15. Development Of The Porous Non-deformation Silicon Mirror
16. Optical-Thermal Coupled Study On Phopshors In LED Packages With Process Applications
17. Study On High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering(HiPIMS) And Ferroelectric Tunable Microwave Components
18. Research And Design On 2.4GHz-2.7GHz High Efficiency And High Power Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers
19. Large Mode Area Microstructured Fiber For High Power Laser Application
20. Research On The Multi-Wavelength Fiber Laser Based On The Strong Coupled Twin-Core Fiber And The Few-Mode Fiber For The High-Power Fiber Laser
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