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1. Cryptanalysis Of Hash Function GOST R And Block Cipher ITUbee And KASUMI
2. The Theoretical Research Of Message Authentications Codes
3. Cryptanalysis Of Several Block Ciphers And Hash Functions
4. Research Of Public Key Cryptography Based On Chebyshev Polynomials And The Related Work
5. On The Design And Security Analysis Of Block Ciphers
6. Research On The Technique Of Curve Matching Based On Object Contour
7. Cellular Automata Applied In Cryptography
8. A Study On Chaos Theory And Its Application In Information Security
9. Lattice Reduction Theory And Its Applications To Cipher Design
10. Cryptanalysis Of The Hash Functions RIPEMD-128 And HMAC-MD4
11. Cryptanalysis Of Hash Functions And HMAC/NMAC
12. Research On Symmetrical Key Cryptography In Security Mechanisms Of Wireless Networks
13. Macroscopical Quantity Balance Of TCP Packets
14. Study On Analysis, Design And Applications Of Signcryption Schemes
15. Research On Chaos Based Encryption Algorithm And Hash Function Construction
16. Design Of Nonlinear Dynamic Filter And Its Application In Information Security
17. Study On Application Technology Of Chaotic Digital Encryption
18. Cryptanalysis Of Hash Function And Block Ciphers
19. Study On Chaos-based Cryptography And Its Application In Secure E-mail System
20. Research On Chaotic Pseudorandom Sequence And Its Applications
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