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Keyword [harmonic detection]
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1. Research On System Of Gas Sensor Used In Mine Based On TDLAS
2. Construction Of Analog Wavelet Base And Log-domain Circuit Implementations Of Wavelet Transform And Its Applications
3. Theoretical Modeling And Implementation Of Optical Fiber CO Sensor
4. A Novel Control Technology Research For The Series Hybrid Active Power Filter
5. Research On Harmonic Current Detection Algorithm And Control Technology In Shunt Active Power Filter
6. Study On Absorptive Spectrum Optical Fiber Methane Gas Sensor
7. Oxygen Concentration Detecting By Using Laser Diode Wavelength-Modulation Technology
8. Study On Spectrum Absorptive Optical Fiber Acetylene Gas Sensor Based On Frequency Harmonic Detection Technique
9. Study About The Application Of Harmonic Detection With DSP Based On Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory
10. Research On Active Power Filter Based On Unity Power Factor
11. Study On Multi-Point Optical Fiber Methane Measurement System
12. Theoretic And Experimental Study Of Detection System About CO2 Concentration Based On Spectral Absorption
13. Research On Optical Fiber Carbon Monoxide Measurement System Based On Infrared Absorption
14. Harmonic Detection For Active Power Filter
15. Research And Application Of Controller In Active Power Filter
16. Study On Fiber Optic Methane Sensing System
17. Design And Simulation Of Hybrid Power Filter In The DC Transmission Project
18. Control And Design Of Three-Phase Three-Wire Shunt Active Power Filter
19. The Optimization Of Control Techniques In Series Hybrid Active Power Filter
20. The Design Study For The Embedded Harmonic Detector
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