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1. Fundamental Investigation Of Resistive Gas Sensors Based On MWCNTs And RGO
2. Study On The Controllability And Mechanism Of Conductive Channel In Carbon-based Resistive Switching Memory Devices
3. Creation And Sensing Application Of Reduced Okinoglitenyl - Based Novel Field Effect Transistor And Diode
4. Femtosecond Laser Micro-nanofabrication Of Semiconductors
5. Study On The Characteristics Of Oxide Gypsum Base Field Effect Transistor
6. Study On Yarn - Doped Yb - Doped Fiber Laser With Quartz Carbide
7. Study On The Highly Sensitive Optical Nano-biosensor Based On Graphene Oxide
8. Preparation And Characterization Of Soluble TiO2 Nanocrystals And TiO2/Graphene Composites
9. Graphene Oxide-based Electrochemical Biosensor Research And Application
10. Design And Appiication Of Glucose Biosensors Based On Graphene Oxide
11. The Ultra-fast Character Of The Alloyed Oxyorthosilicate Crystal
12. Characteristic Of Diode-pumped 2μm Passive Mode-locking Tm:YAIO3 Laser
13. Fabricaiton Of Electrochemical DNA Biosensors Based On Carbon Nanomaterials And Gold Nanoparticals
14. Study On DNA Biosensor Based On The Enzyme Activity And Small Molecule
15. The Application Research Of Biosensors Based On Graphene Oxide
16. Preparation And Characterization Of Graphene Oxide And Its Resistive Memory
17. Fabrication Of The Enzyme Interface Dopped With Cytochrome C And Its Application In Biological Sensor
18. The Study On Organic Diode Memory Devices And Its Working Mechanism
19. Graphene Oxide-Modified DNA Electrochemical Sensors For Monitoring The Degradation Of Organic Pollutants
20. Immunosensor For Enterobabacter Sakazakii Based On Electrochemically Reduced Graphene Oxide
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