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Keyword [gas sensing]
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1. Methodological Study Of The Gas Selectivity Of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Based On The Point Defect Reaction
2. Research On Synthesis, Modification And Gas Sensing Properties Of Oxide Semiconductor Nanomaterials
3. Research On Gas Sensing Properties Of One-dimensional Metal Oxides Nanomaterials
4. Fabrication Of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Based On Micro-nano Structure And Gas Sensing Properties
5. Fabrication Of Nano-structured Sensors Based On Metal Oxide Semiconductor And Their Application In Gas Sensing, Humidity Sensing And Bio-sensing
6. Study On NO2 Gas-sensing LB Films And Microstructure Sensor
7. Preparations Of Low Dimensional Oxide Semiconductors And Constructions Of Gas-sensing Devices
8. Research On Gas Sensing And Photoluminescent Properties Of NASICON Materials
9. The Designing And Studying Of Photoelectric Gas Sensing Prototype Device On ZnO Nanoparticles
10. Preparation And Characteristic Research Of Gas Sensing Thin Films And Gas Sensor Array
11. Study On Dynamic Reaction Of Metal Oxide Gas Sensors & Sensor Array Optimization
12. Preparation And NH3 Gas-sensing Characteristic Research Of Conducting Polymer Nanocomposite Thin Films
13. Synthesis And Gas Sensing Properties Of Semiconducting Metal Oxides (ZnO, ZnSnO3) Nanomaterials
14. Fluid Sensing Theory And Experimental Researches On Optical Fiber Cavity Ring-down Spectrosocy
15. Fiber Optics Gas Sensors And Gas Sensing Networks Based On The Absorption Spectrum Method
16. Micro-structure Gas Sensors And Electronic Nose
17. MEMS Infrared Light Acoustic Gas Sensing System
18. Research On The Nano Tin Oxide Thin Films For Gas Sensing
19. Research On Near Infrared Gas Sensing Hollow Core Waveguide And It's Application
20. Theoretical Research On Gas Sensing By Bragg Fiber
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